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Jeremy is an aerospace engineer, organizational leader, and entrepreneur with a knack for tech start-ups. Combining engineering, leadership, and business skills, Jeremy’s realm is building tight-knit teams that deliver outstanding solutions under short timelines, limited resources, and uncertainty. Since 2014, he has worked on 20+ aviation and space projects, led multiple start-ups and departments, generated $42M in new revenues and funding while increasing valuations by 7.5 to 10x, and he and his teams have been recognized with some 40 Canadian and global awards for technical, business, and leadership excellence.

Jeremy’s foray into aerospace dates back to high school, working as a research assistant on aircraft collision avoidance at York University. Jeremy has since held engineering, academic, project management, and executive roles at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering, UN SGAC, and University of Toronto Aerospace Team. Jeremy also served as CTO and ultimately President of The Sky Guys (top 20 UAV operators globally), deploying novel drone and software solutions for heavy industry and defence across North America. Today, Jeremy is a co-founder of Rivet, an autonomous vehicle start-up bent on revolutionizing the aircraft ground handling sector.

Jeremy holds a BASc in Engineering Science (Univ. of Toronto), and is pursuing a PhD in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (Univ. of Waterloo). In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys advising and speaking on tech, start-ups, and leadership, having appeared on TED, CBC, CTV, and GlobalNews. Jeremy believes that anyone can lead, everyone must lead whether or not in a position of power, and the best leaders do so by example, expertise, and empathy.

Last Update: 2019-07-20