This section covers my projects across five areas: design, research, education, outreach, and business. 

A project is considered to be a major initiative with distinct goals and outcomes; a given role may have multiple projects, e.g. as a start-up founder with business and design responsibilities. For each project type, a spreadsheet of project summaries is provided. There is key information such as start/end dates, organization name, my role, team size, key activities and results, and related patents and publications.

Preparing for a rocket engine test (UTAT, 2016)

Preparing for a rocket engine test (UTAT, 2016)


Design projects aim to solve a problem or address a key shortcoming directly affecting some stakeholder of interest.

Summary of design projects available here (last updated 2019-07-19)

  • 20 projects listed from 2013-present

  • Keywords: autonomous vehicles, UAVs (VTOL Transition, airborne LiDAR, agricultural UAV, sprayer UAV, BVLOS, tactical UAV, defence, law enforcement, security, industrial), sounding rockets (hybrid rocket engines), satellites (smallsats, CubeSats), enterprise software (AI, deep learning, machine learning, cloud GIS)

Rocket nozzle testing (DLR, 2015)

Rocket nozzle testing (DLR, 2015)


Research projects aim to discover new knowledge or test hypotheses. Although they involve elements of design, research projects are focused more on understanding rather than mitigating a problem. 

Summary of research projects available here (last updated 2019-07-19)

  • 11 projects listed from 2012-present

  • Keywords: aerospace propulsion (liquid and hybrid rockets, rocket engine design and testing, space economics, space policy, CFD, performance simulations, GPU), engineering education, leadership development, fee-for-service healthcare policy

Engineering scribbles from 2013

Engineering scribbles from 2013


Educational projects aim to develop core capabilities (e.g. skills, knowledge, attitudes, best practices, etc.) in others, with the primary motivator being community or societal impact. 

Summary of education projects available here (last updated 2019-07-19)

  • 3 projects listed from 2015-present

  • Keywords: rocket fluid dynamics, math/science/engineering textbooks, engineering leadership development, workshops

ILead workshop (ILead Facebook, 2016)

ILead workshop (ILead Facebook, 2016)


Outreach projects aim to inspire groups of people to deepen their involvement in a cause or subject, while providing the opportunity for networking, showcasing, and/or introductory learning (e.g. showcases, conference, competitions). The primary focus of outreach is inspiration and exposure, whereas the primary focus of educational projects is to develop a set of capabilities in others.

Summary of outreach projects available here (last updated 2019-07-19)

  • 8 projects listed from 2014-2017

  • Keywords: conferences, workshops, astronaut talks, student competitions, industry trade shows, networking

Pitching investors at RBC (N36, 2016)

Pitching investors at RBC (N36, 2016)


Business projects aim to create value for some community of interest, with the use and generation of financial resources being a significant consideration. These projects may take place within not-for-profit or for-profit entities, such as university design teams or start-ups. Some projects (esp. start-ups) may appear in other pages of this site, but this page is focused on the business element of those projects.

Summary of business projects available here (last updated 2019-07-19)

  • 5 companies and not-for-profits listed from 2014-present

  • Keywords: start-up, not-for-profit, SME, autonomous vehicles, aerospace, UAVs, cloud, AI, rockets, satellites, healthcare, STEM education, community outreach

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Header: Canadian Space Agency astronaut Col. Jeremy Hansen checks out rockets, drones, and satellites designed by UTAT (U of T, 2016)