My engineering philosophy outlines the general process I take to create innovative, defensible solutions. In this section you will find descriptions of the three areas of this philosophy: personal constitution, design philosophy, leadership philosophy. At the bottom is also a one-pager on what is innovation and why it's hard.


Personal Constitution

My vision, mission, core values, and strategic focus areas that guide my career development and personal life — written in the form of a constitution for myself.

Personal Constitution v4.4 (2018-07-05)


Design Philosophy

My approach to solving problems, including a definition of engineering design, mandatory design criteria that I bring to every project, and an overview of the design process. Updated supplements tailored specifically to aerospace engineering will be uploaded in Aug 2018.

Design Philosophy Overview (2018-07-08, needs updating)
Inside the Engineering Scientist (2014 edition, needs updating)


Leadership Philosophy

Essential principles and definitions for modern leadership, which must account for the complex technology, people, and ethics in today's organizations. Best summarized as leading by expertise, example, and empathy.

Leadership Philosophy Overview (2018-07-08)


Why is innovation so hard?

A brief one-page essay on what is innovation and what makes it so hard.

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Header: brainstorming session at Defiant Labs HQ (Hanson, 2016)